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Iris A.

Working with Home Loan exceeded any of my expectations. As a first time homebuyer, I was not familiar with the mortgage process but they were very helpful in explaining the entire process and really relieved my stress. They answered all of my questions and presented the loan program options that were available to me. If you're looking for an excellent lender who will make the home-buying process simple and comfortable, I highly recommend Majestic Home Loan.

Rachata B.

The Majestic Home Loan team truly made our dream a reality. They were there every step of the way, easing all our concerns. We know they have many customers to take care of, but that didn’t prevent them from making us feel important. We really felt well taken care of, everything progressed quickly and smoothly and within a month we were living in our very first home! Thank you Majestic Home Loan!

Dasia C.

Majestic got me approved and closed in under 30 days! They took a chance on me when no other lender would. Thank you Majestic for making my dreams of becoming a Homeowner come to life!

Marian D.

My experience with Majestic Home Loans has been wonderfull Mindy Apacible, Sean Khan, and Marc Flexen were the best team that I could have imagined!!! Each one of them went beyond the call of duty to make sure that all why concerns and questions wer acknowledged and answerd. I was a bit of a bother, as i was constantly bending Mindy's ear about the status of my loan. She did not get upset. even though sometimes I would email her about five times that day. She was always patient with me. Sean was always relaxed and helped me through the red tape of paperwork you encounter when buying a home. I have dreamed four 15 years to own my home and thanks to God and the angels(Sean, Mindy and Marc). that he place in my life I am now a homeowner. I would recommend this to anyone. Good credit, bad credit they will do their best to get you approved! They will be there to answer any questions or concerns no matther how many or how Silly the questions maybe. Thank you guys I am truly grateful.